Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom 

When homemakers think of renovating their bathrooms, most think of installing walk in showers or bathtubs. However, when you’re making improvements in your bathrooms, you don’t just install these amenities, think of the other features of your facility too. You have to look into the overall layout and aesthetics and the potential comfort, too.

In this article, let’s look into common homeowner mistakes you should avoid if you want to enjoy a terrific bathroom facility.

There’s insufficient lighting

Some homemakers discount changing or adding to their existing lighting fixtures. That shouldn’t be the case because ambient lighting helps in the experience. You wouldn’t want to cut yourself shaving, or you wouldn’t want to squint whenever you apply your makeup in the morning. Use LED lights or mood lighting to make the facility more personalized.

The styles don’t match

One thing you need to remember whenever you’re making improvements around the house is to ensure that there’s consistency. One room should flow into the other, or if there’s a difference, it shouldn’t be too drastic. Whenever you’re making changes to your bathroom, you should also consider the overall style. You can make subtle changes but keep the design as together as possible. 

There’s no provision for storage

Another thing that homemakers can discount is the provision of adequate storage. You have to consider installing shower cabinets or medicine cabinets to keep your necessities. You wouldn’t want to move back and forth from another room to get your grooming supplies. You would like to have them accessible inside the bathroom.

There’s no pre-planning involved

If you’re looking at renovating your bathroom, you need to plan for it properly. You wouldn’t want to make errors in buying the necessary fixtures and fittings. That’s going to be time-consuming and costly at the same time. If you don’t plan properly, too, you might not be able to fit your preferred shower cabin because you didn’t measure the space. Also, unless it’s the most basic bathroom, you shouldn’t place the toilet right when you enter the facility. You wouldn’t want to look at the least attractive portion of the facility first, don’t you?

DIYing the renovation 

Unless you’re a professional plumber or a contractor yourself, you shouldn’t renovate the bathroom yourself. You will make particular mistakes that will cost you much more in the long run if you don’t hire a good contractor. Always look for an experienced hand whenever you’re going to do a full-scale renovation. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble that way.

Rushing things

One surefire way to get a subpar result is to rush the contractor into finishing the job. Unless the rush schedule has been agreed upon previously, you shouldn’t ask your contractor to do it faster. You might regret it, and you wouldn’t want to hire another contractor to rectify the errors. 

Final thoughts

Whenever you’re renovating your bathroom, there are things you have to consider if you want the best results. You shouldn’t rush into things and make sure everything’s planned. You’ll get to enjoy a great experience if you do it well. 


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