3 Amazing Benefits of Playing the Violin

When you decide to improve your skills with violin lessons, you might think you are developing a fun new hobby. While this is certainly true, the benefits of playing the violin go well beyond simply giving you an enjoyable activity. Playing the violin can actually improve many aspects of your well-being. Here is a closer look at some lesser-known benefits of learning to play this remarkable instrument.

1.        Improve Memory & Mental Health

Studies have consistently found that as little as one year of musical training can significantly improve an individual’s attention span and memory. However, this is far from the only way that practising violin can improve your mental health. Studies have also confirmed that musical practice can provide a boost to other key skills, such as speech, reading, and language processing.


Involvement with music can also help those battling psychological disorders. Even among adults, playing the violin or another instrument can help relieve stress, serving as a valuable emotional outlet that decreases the frequency or intensity of depression or anxiety.

2.        Grow Your Social Circle

Playing the violin can also be a great way to grow your social circle and gain an increased sense of belonging. This is especially true if you use your music lessons as a launchpad for joining a community orchestra or another musical group. The required coordination and practice with the group helps foster unity.


Even if you don’t join a musical organization, learning to play the violin can serve as a great conversation starter. It’s also a great instrument to play outdoor! As you build your self-confidence as you master the instrument, you will also gain greater confidence and self-esteem for other social interactions.

3.        Enjoy Better Posture

One unique benefit of playing the violin is that it can help improve your posture. This instrument requires that you stand in a particular position to achieve the best results. Continued practice can also improve your motor skills and upper body strength.


Learning to control your posture is especially important in our modern day. An increasingly sedentary lifestyle can lead to bad posture that contributes to daily pain and poor spinal health. Consistent practice of the violin will gradually train your body to use proper posture throughout the day.


Playing violin is a great way to develop your musical abilities — but it can also have a dramatic impact on your mental, social, and even physical well-being. When you make music a priority in your life, you will be better equipped for success in all things.

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