Why You Need Book Promotion Experts to Help You Get Your Book Noticed

Summary:Many authors can and do handle all of the elements of book promotion with varying degrees of success.Unfortunately, few have the time and experience necessary to ensure that they don’t make crucial mistakes form which they cannot recover in the pursuit of maximized long-term book sales and author branding.

Creating that spark of interest that grows into curiosity and then eventually into sales/fans is equally important in traditional media outlets such aspress releases, radio, TV and print interviews as well as book signings, book fairs and trade shows among others. All of these avenues can certainly be traversed independently. However,without the book promotion, marketing and publicity background, few authors know how to choose, prepare, execute and properly follow up with these opportunities without making costly mistakes.

While authors can and do write their own press releases and distribute them,creating one that will be of interest to news services and magazines is a highly specialized skill. Keep in mind, that the goal of a press release is not just to get it published, but to stir the interest of a targeted market. It also serves as a catalyst for getting interviews with publications and media outlets so that the author’s ideas, personality and hopefully intriguing story can shine through. This requires a professional approach to know when, how and where to implement this approach successfully.

When it comes to press release distribution, cultivating press contacts locally and nationally entails considerable time, effort and expertise.Knowing the publication and what they want takes a specific approach. By working with a professional book promotion service, authors can avoid the pitfalls of getting it wrong and losing a publication or a potentially powerful press contact in the long term. It is always best to learn the ropes from the pros as the contacts that are made from that exposure will be a learning experience and add to the author’s future contact list.

Book signings, book fairs and trade shows can be wonderful places to make contacts that lead to an introduction to a specific group that can become fans and buyers. Unfortunately, being an unknown quantity, they can be a roll of the dice for new authors and books.

Book promotional experts have the contacts at the remaining chain bookstores as well as the regional and local bookstores of note that are best suited to a particular author and their book. For instance, some bookstore chains have a central process that approves book signings while others make those decisions store by store. In both cases, knowing how to approach the decision maker, make the case and work with them to insure success is crucial.

The same goes for picking the right trade shows and the process of signup and booth space that works for the author rather than against them. Creating a unified and professional look to the booth and its marketing/promotion/branding elements iscrucial and once again can best be handled by those with the professional experience.

All of these traditional media and promotional outlets have one thing in common as their cornerstone, and that is the press kit. Even if an author chooses to create the graphic and physical elements of the press kit on their own, having professional input will ensurethat all elements are unified and targeted to the audience.

Ultimately, Authors can and do execute all of these Book publicist processes on their own to varying degrees of success. What is important is that every author must be able to weight the costs in terms of time, mistakes and misdirected funds verses working with a promotional professional and a fixed cost that can be negotiated with expectations of a realistic return on investment. For more information visit Smith publicity.

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