What to Do if You Want to Stain Your Teeth

No one can confidently say that that they don’t want white teeth. Everyone can appreciate the aesthetically pleasing and professional look that a bright smile provides. It’s even a subconscious sign of health that’s hardwired into our species.




Though it might seem like a minor vice that we are willing to deal with on account of the caffeine kick and the flavour, if white teeth are a priority for you, it’s something you will have to forgo. Coffee leaves surface stains on your enamel, dulling the colour and making your teeth appear yellow.  If you can’t quit cold turkey, then at least cut down on the number of cups of java you drink a day.




Everyone turns to tea as a healthier alternative to coffee, however, black tea has the same if not more intense effect on teeth as coffee. In some cultures, tea is even used as a natural dye for textiles…not something that you want to have your pearly whites stained with. If you really love tea though, consider switching to an herbal variety that doesn’t have the same amount of pigment in it.




If smoking cigarettes can leave stains on your fingers, the tell-a-tale sign of an addict, you betcha that your teeth will not be immune to their yellowing effect. Smokers as a rule find it very difficult to keep their teeth white, even with regular brushing and cleanings.


Red Wine


Though a glass every once and again might not make a dramatic difference, regular indulgence in red wine on a daily basis can darken your teeth. Next time you’re out, take a look at the white wine options as well- they will definitely help your smile stay bright and win over that date.




Though sugar doesn’t directly stain your teeth, it does negatively affect your enamel, wearing it down and possibly exposing dentine underneath. Even if it’s nothing that dramatic, high levels of sugar intake can increase plaque build-up, giving your teeth a yellow appearance.


Though it would be great to quickly and easily give up all these offending foods, drinks, and habits, it’s not always a realistic option. In that case here are several tips that can keep the negative effects down to a minimum.


Drink Through a Straw


It might look funny, but drinking tooth-staining beverages through a straw can actually decrease the exposure to your teeth, keeping them whiter.


Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal/Drink


By brushing your teeth after everything you consume, especially the items that are known to cause staining, you can decrease the amount of time during which they are on your teeth.


Whiten Your Teeth Professionally


Though teeth whitening will not give you a movie star smile forever, it’s an option that can remove surface stains so that you start from square one, not from already yellowing teeth. Consult an expert in teeth whitening to see if you would be a good candidate as well as what the procedure would look like in your case.


White teeth might seem like a hassle that requires a lot of sacrifice and pain. Though in a sense it’s true: no pain, no gain. However, these lifestyle changes are doable and often don’t just benefit your teeth- they are good for your overall health! So if you want to see your teeth start yellowing and darkening, just keep doing what you are doing. For a brighter smile, ditch the vices and start being proactive about how white your teeth are, starting with a professional whitening and following up with preventative measures.


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