The vital elements of a business plan – What does it comprise

The plan of a business is considered as the blueprint. The business plan is usually used for capturing the minds of investors, for developing different strategies and for introducing new contracts. The business plan includes the clearly defined information and integrates and combines it to determine the underlying details about your business.

Irrespective of whether you form an S-Corp or an LLC or a general partnership, having a business plan is a Must! Here is what comprises of a business plan.

Executive summary

Amongst the entire business plan, it is the main executive summary which will follow the page where you mention the title. This is an important part of the business plan and it is here that you need to write down a synopsis of the total business plan. Few key elements would be:

  • Concept of the business: Define the business, the services and products and the market that it’s going to serve. What will you sell, to whom and what is the USP of your business?
  • Monetary features: Financial highlights are another vital part of the business plan which includes profits, sales, flow of cash and ROI.
  • Financial needs: This portion will clearly state the total capital that would be required to initiate the business and how you’re going to expand.
  • Present position of the business: This portion speaks about the current relevant position of the company, the legal form of operation, the time when it was formed and the owners.
  • Biggest achievements: This part will provide a detail of the main company developments which are vital for the success of the business.

Description of the business

This is a rather short description of the industry. And when you’re defining the industry, you have to speak about the current outlook and also the opportunities in the near future. Offer adequate details on the different competitive markets in the industry including new developments and products that will benefit the business. In case you seek funding, the investor might wish to know how dependable the information is.

In what way will the business make profit?

You must now be a capitalist where you ask yourself how you can turn the money into profits. Once you get a feasible answer to this question, you should convey the answer to all others who are included in the section of business concept. No, you don’t require writing 25 pages on how you think your business will be profitable. You just have to explain all those factors which according to you will make your business successful.

Define market strategies

We can’t deny the fact that market strategies are a consequence of accurate market analysis. A market analysis forces the entrepreneur to become familiar with different aspects of the market so that the target audience can be defined and the business can be given a proper position.

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