Special Gifts to Give to Special People

Man giving wife Christmas gift

Gift giving is an old tradition that is meant to give you a chance to show someone how much you appreciate them and that you were thinking about them too.

Some gifts are given casually to just acknowledge someone, while other times lots of thought and preparation goes into giving a gift. These latter times are usually reserved for someone who is special to you. It may be on a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or a traditional holiday like Christmas. Whatever the celebration, the gift given should say something special. Here are some ideas for a special gift:


  1. A Dog


No gift shows someone that you are thinking about them more than a pet. A pet is a special gift because it is a companion that will provide years of friendship and camaraderie. You can treat them with all sorts of kindness, shower them with gifts and even dress them up in a Louisdog outfit on the weekend. The benefits of owning a dog are numerous and well-documented and include:


Better Health: when you have a dog you have to walk it which provides you with more exercise which will improve the health of your entire body.

Less Stress: Dogs are great stress reducers. They give you attention at critical times which serves to relieve you of many tense moments. They take your mind off whatever is stressing you and get you to give it a break.

Meet New People: Dog owners always end up in conversations with other dog owners. This could be at the dog park, walking with your dog down a street or at the market. In every case you will find other dog owners are open to chatting. So bring your dog and make a new friend.

Happier: Dog owners have less depression and are generally happier than those who do not own dogs. In fact those with depression are often advised to get a dog to help lift their moods.


  1. A Custom Gift Basket


The world of gift basket giving has changed dramatically. Today you can order just about anything in a custom gift basket short of a live animal and an automobile. You can include any type of regular or exotic food, clothing item, electronic gift including smart phones, and even tickets to a Broadway show. So you can put together things in the basket that represent the areas that the person loves. A sports fan? You can create the ultimate sports basket. Clothing freak? How about a designer clothing gift basket? You can get as creative as you like and spend as much as you like on the basket. Best of all, you can order them online and do it from the privacy of your own home. The recipient will surely be pleasantly surprised if not overwhelmed when they receive this customized gift.


So there you have it. Two special gift ideas that say loudly, you are special and appreciated. Take your lick or better yet, do both!


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