Some Montreal areas and why you should visit

Montreal is amazing, everybody knows that. This city has many areas in which you can find different moods, different places to hang, different people, etc. There’s something interesting to do in every one of them, but here’s how they’re different.


Like every “downtown” in every city, this area contains lots of stores, restaurants and bars. You’ll be able to find the basics (Zara, H&M, Simons, etc.) and some smallest high end stores in which you’ll find some original pieces or great designers. You also have the restaurants and bars which are pretty classic as well but always fun and never disappointing because you often know what to expect. You also have the most popular museums of the city (MACM, Fine arts and Mccord). This area contains two English-speaking universities (Concordia and McGill) so this district is completely bilingual and sometimes only anglophone. Downtown also includes the Gay Village where you can find lots of bars and restaurants in which the parties are always awesome. You clearly have everything you need in this area and it’s really easy to go in the other districts from there so you should really book a room in a hotel in Montreal, downtown.

Plateau / Mile-End

This district is located just up from downtown. These are mostly residential districts but still have lots of cute bars, shops, restaurants and cafes. This area, Mile-End especially, offers a lot of vintage stores with pieces from local artists. You’ll find some unique, interesting pieces for a reasonable price. You also have the best cafes and restaurants. They’re practically all cute with a nice menu in which you’ll most certainly find a lot of vegetarian/vegan options. The bars are also great and unique. The owners of these different places all have a particular vision and want to make you feel a great new experience. Mile-End and Plateau also offers great parks such as Lafontaine and Laurier where it’s always nice to stay for a picnic with your friends on sunny days.



These areas are combined here because they’re both super residential. They’re great for the calm, the parks and the good restaurants. They wouldn’t be the best places for parties except for special events and some bars. Instead, they have this refreshing family atmosphere perfect for hanging out or go shopping in the Jean-Talon market which is huge and offers a great selection of local products. You’ll also find some cute cafes but you’ll have to search a bit more because they won’t always be on the main streets. It’s the same for the restaurants. You can eat a delicious meal, but it’s necessary to do some research so you’re sure you find the perfect spot.

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