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The gift of fashion is the gift that keeps on giving. Making the right choices can ensure your gift is worn again and again.

Clothes as gifts.

Many of us shy away from giving clothes as gifts, as we’re worried about getting the recipient’s size wrong. Too small and we’ve given them something useless and which might make them feel fat; too large and we’ve offended them by making them believe we think they’re bigger than they actually are. It can be a minefield, but with a little research and planning, you can give the perfect clothes every time.


Start off by thinking carefully about what the recipient of your gift usually wears. There’s nothing worse than receiving a present so far removed from your usual style that you wonder whether the giver knows you at all. Take your cue from their favourite look and work around that. If their style is girly and vintage, with lots of ditsy prints and florals, stick to this style. If your recipient favours jeans and retro t-shirts, buy something that will fit in with their existing clothes. There is so much choice on the market that you’ll be sure to find something to complement their style. With so many great websites around, it’s never been easier to buy womens clothes online. Many sites let you search by style, size or keyword, taking a lot of the legwork out of shopping.

Size matters.

It can be easy to find out someone’s size, even if you don’t want to come right out and ask them. Sneak a peek at the label in their jacket when they leave it on the back of their chair to nip to the loo, or ask their sister or boyfriend. Even when you’ve got their size, it’s a good idea not to pick something too tailored or structured. Stick to soft, flexible fabric items, such as t-shirts, knitwear or stretchy dresses. These are much more forgiving, so are more likely to fit.

Perfect accessories.

If you don’t fancy giving clothes as a gift, accessories can be just as much fun to give. A fabulous scarf or a statement clutch can remain a firm favourite for many years and the recipient will think of you every time they see it. You can be a little more adventurous when giving accessories, as many people are a bit more daring with embellishments than with their actual outfits. Still, make sure you study your recipient. Try and pick something that will complement their existing style and that will go with plenty of their favourite outfits. There’s no point giving someone who only wears muted colours a bright, floral scarf if they will never have anything to wear it with. Shopping online has advanced in recent years, with many sites letting you view products from different angles, meaning you can see exactly what you’re getting.

With fantastic websites offering a dazzling selection of products and styles at every price point, there’s never been a better time to buy womens clothes online.

Jenny Leigh is an experienced freelance writer with a keen interest in fashion. She writes articles on jewellery, clothes and accessories and recommends you visit this website for more ideas on how to give the gift of fashion to friends and family.

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