Make 2017 the year you make your ideas real

Past generations were ruled by captains of industry and their gatekeepers, as these players held most of the cards with respect to bringing big ideas to life.

However, the internet has not only democratized access to information in the 21st century, but it has provided would-be creators with access to factory owners and other resources that simply wasn’t available 50 years ago.

With all this revolutionary change, you’d think that a lot more people would be charging ahead with plans of various sorts.

However, there are many mental blocks which keep many people taking the steps needed to make their dreams a reality.

Want to overcome your own personal obstacles so you can start charting your own destiny?

The best innovation management software available can help you sort out ideas and aid you in crafting your plan, but to get to that point, there are other steps you’ll need to take first.

We’ll go over them in the article below.

1) Increase the quality and quantity of your ideas

2008 was a bad year for many investors, James Altucher included. While he is a well-known self-help guru these days, his exposure to the market when its bottom fell out nearly bankrupted him.

At one point, he only had $162 in his pocket – to recover from this embarrassing loss, he isolated himself in a home in Upstate New York. After licking his wounds for a few weeks, he began to come up with ideas en masse.

The quality of them didn’t matter – he only cared about getting his neurons firing again and making connections he never pushed himself to make before.

This focus on self-improvement paid off, as it lifted him out of his funk and led him down the path to write his best-selling book to date, Choose Yourself.

When you force your brain to generate ideas, it responds in the same way your body does when you go to the gym.

When you exercise your mind, you will improve its capacity to create original ideas, and their quality will strengthen over time as well.

2) Your fears are (mostly) lying to you – don’t be cowed by them

Fear seems ferocious to those paralyzed by it. When you call its bluff, though, you will often find that it is nothing more than a paper tiger of your own making.

Many fears are generated by ancient parts of our brains that used to keep us safe from predators like sabre-toothed tigers. We have since ascended to the top of the food chain, but we never really evolved out of that state of perpetual fear.

Worried about failing? At worst, you will only lose time that would have passed by anyway. You won’t be devoured alive if you mess up. So go ahead and boldly dare to fail in pursuit of your idea – you won’t die.

3) Pursue what excites you

Passion is key to success in any life endeavor, be it in business, sports, or any other domain.

Modern society has idolized money as the fix-all, but when you solely focus your efforts on its acquisition, you’ll either end up doing stuff you hate, or things that bore you to tears.

If you are in love with what you do or are in love with the process of carrying it out, you will be more likely to find success with your big idea.


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