Learning Opportunities for Job Seekers

Jobseekers looking to improve their employment prospects commonly engage in training in order to improve their employability and learn new skills that will serve them well in the workplace. They also engage in training to show that they’re career minded, because engaging in training to improve one’s employment prospects is generally looked upon favourably by employers. If you’re looking for work and would like to improve your job prospects, read on as this article takes a look at e-learning, one of the most popular forms of training among jobseekers that helps them to improve their employment prospects.


What is e-learning?

E-learning refers to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and electronic media in education and training so it therefore includes the use of e-books, interactive presentations and video lectures as learning tools. It has been experimented with since the 1960s and over the past 15 years has been used with great success.

Who uses e-learning?

In addition to jobseekers investing time in their career, many people have used e-learning to great success. Many schools have implemented e-learning programmes with some assistance from e-learning companies, as has the public sector, with health and social organisations implementing programmes for their staff so that they can keep up to date with reform to changes in vocational training and qualifications. Many private sector businesses are also using e-learning to great success with businesses in the corporate, financial, hospitably & catering and retail sectors using e-learning as a cost effective method of delivering training programmes to their employees.

Why is e-learning so popular?

E-learning has proved popular among the public and private sectors for a number of reasons, as it has jobseekers looking to improve their employment prospects through training.

  • E-learning is a cost effective from of education and training and also delivers faster learning cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction
  • Jobseekers can access e-learning programmes designed with job seeking in mind that will help them to focus on and develop a career that interests them
  • Jobseekers can save money on educational costs, travelling costs and if they have young children, babysitting and related expenses
  • Those who are already employed but would like to improve their career prospects find that they can work by day and study at night

E-learning for jobseekers

With constantly changing requirements demanded of jobseekers, e-learning has proven to be an effective method of staying up to date and enhancing the employment prospects of anyone seeking employment. Adults generally have less time to engage in education and training than young people, so e-learning has been well received among adults who want to improve their career prospects but lack the time to go back to school. In addition to e-learning courses that enable jobseekers to improve their employment prospects in a particular field, for example IT or healthcare, there are a number of e-learning courses on websites such as www.embrace-learning.com specifically designed with jobseekers in mind. These courses could fall into the category of ‘Career and Work Skills Training’ and are designed to:

  • Build confidence in the jobseeker
  • Identify the jobseeker’s strengths and work on their weaknesses
  • Help them to understand what employers are looking for
  • Prepare jobseekers for interviews
  • Prepare jobseekers for work

Enrolling in an e-learning course of this nature will prove extremely advantageous for jobseekers preparing to enter the job market for the first time, as it will those who have worked in the past but recognise that they need to brush up on, for example, their interview techniques to make themselves more appealing to employers.

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