How to find villas in Tuscany?

Have you ever decided that a luxury villa in Tuscany is the right choice for you and your family? If you have done so now, its time to learn how to find the suitable villa.  Read this article to know how to get the best villas

Basically there are two ways to secure villas in Tuscany- it can be either on your own or through rental agency

In case you rent the villa on your own, you’ve very little legal protection. So, it is recommended to avoid surcharges and surprises by understanding the rules and regulations.

Its hard to lose money with a villa rental agent, why?

The villa owner pays the agent’s commission.

The agents generally live and die by the reputation, hence it is in their best interest to help you to secure the right renter.

An agent is more secure because you’ll be able top pay them in same currency, and have some recourse in case the property is misrepresented.

So, the neat trick is to hire qualified, reliable villa agent. Here’s how you can do the same

Referrals– In case you have a travel agent or are connected to the travel network, ask their agent to recommend a credible villa rental agency or association.

Recommendations– It is suggested to take suggestions from the people you know. Networking! Put the word to your acquaintances, friends, colleagues and other social network. You need to be specific about the destination and the kind of villa that you require i.e. beach, country, vintage or a modern villa.

Advertisements– You need to look for villa advertisements or promotions in the travel magazine or the website. Another great place to find such information is on the back page of college magazines, where the villa agents and owners display their ads in classifieds section.

 Internet– Internet is the best place to find an agent. There is a plethora of websites that appear to feature on luxury villa agents and association. But majority of these agents are aggregators there is no bulletin boards for the individual property. To find out more about the same you can visit the website and if not call on their toll free no and get the detailed information about that place.

Some of the villa rental websites are run by individual owners who are owner of few properties, in case you consider them bear in mind that individual owners are more interested to rent the property in seasonal basis than in fostering relationship with you.

Once you’ve found the luxury villa agent, the next step is to find out the agent or a close associate who has personal knowledge of villas. Then ask the person several questions regarding facilities available in the property, layout, staff, privacy, etc.

Do ask whether the company employees can inspect property on a regular basis with their own eyes or not.

Thus, once you have understood above mentioned position, you can easily hire a villa in Tuscany.

Pamela is a freelance writer who writes on different topics such as travelling, beaches and social media. She has recently visited a tuscany villa and is very impressed with the hospitality there she is sharing her experience here. She loves to travel and make new friends.

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