Finding things to do on your Trip

View of Pacific Coast Highway and the Santa Monica Mountains from Palisades Park, in Santa Monica, California. Photo taken on: March 06th, 2015

There are different kind of travellers, those who love planning in advance all the activities for their trip, and those that love getting lost and discovering the city as they stumble upon their attractions. In any case, travellers might have different preferences or approaches when it comes to find world tours and things to do on their trips, but all of them are looking for some kind of different adventures and experiences, that’s the purpose of travelling.
How to find things to do
First of all you need to get informed on some of the key landmarks and tourist attractions the city you are visiting has to offer. For example if you are looking for things to do in London, you must gather previous information on which are the most iconic landmarks and traditional activities, for example the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Hyde Park, among many others.
Once you know all the not-to-miss attractions of the city, then you simply check the distance between each attraction on google maps, and you will get an estimated idea on how easy for you will be to get to one point to another, and therefore how much time will take.
The third thing you must do is then to decide how much time you will spend on visiting the key landmarks that appear as most attractive to your profile, and how much time you will leave free to stroll around and discover new adventures from yourself.
Travel like a local
It is always advisable to check online some official websites to see what’s on for those days you are travelling. Maybe some art exhibits, football games, you name it, but certainly your next destination has something special waiting for you.
Try the local cuisine. Meet people at pubs, ask taxi drivers for tips. All these insights could lead you to some hidden spots or activities that won’t be able to find easily on the web.
Embrace cultural diversity
The point of travelling is to discover new places, but also new people and their cultures. If you have the chance, visit some local theatres, art exhibitions, concerts, or go nightclubbing away from the city center to get a better taste of that culture.
Watch the local TV, read the newspapers, check for the ads on the metro stations. If you keep yourself active and open-minded to embark into new experiences, you will sire find them. Enjoy your trip!

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