Different types of Nursing

Nursing is a huge profession within the UK, and most countries across the world. They are vital to any successful health service. Yet, there is a large variety of roles within nursing itself from people performing triage services to those doing physiotherapy jobs for long term patients. In this article, we will examine a few different types of nursing to show the areas of specialisation within this job area.


The most common type of nurse is a registered nurse, they assist physicians mostly in hospitals and in a large variety of settings. It’s not surprising that this is the most common type of nurse, as registered nurses can still specialize in more specific areas too.


For example, ICU nurses are registered nurses that have gone on to train extensively within intensive care. As your roles and responsibilities within this unit can differ massively from other day to day tasks, with a lot more individual patient time being needed, usually due to the severity of the condition.


Mental health nursing is basically the same role as a registered nurse. The key difference being, that rather than being part of a general medical team to help aid physicians. You will be part of a mental health team, helping psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals. Just like being a registered nurse, there are options of further specialisation within mental health.


A triage nurse will have to deal with a large variety of trauma or injury on a daily basis. You will often be the first HCP point of contact for patients, and will need to be able to handle people who could be very emotionally distressed, or under the influence of something that makes them harder to cooperate with.


You can decide to specialize in pediatric nursing if you want to work with children. As nurses have the most patient interaction of anyone in the medical team, this is a role for someone who can be a very reassuring figure to children, who will often be finding the experience very scary. As well as also helping parents through this troubling time too.


Of course, there are still many other different types of nursing roles throughout the healthcare system. I hope this has managed to show the diversity of roles out there, while showing how in each of these areas a nurse is a vital part of any healthcare team, on both a technical medical side, and also from the perspective of patient reassurance.



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