Basic Loadrunner Interview Questions and Answering Technique

Loadrunner interview questions are much of answering technical issues in the metal industry. They usually reflect on functionality of certain components thus require technical terms when responding to them. One of the main questions that have been asked over and over again pertains to the functionality of load testing. In essence, load testing is meant to ascertain that the application is operating as needed especially when in maximum use. You may be asked of the Loadrunner protocol that is used for recording or the one supporting application for Oracle 9i. Such a question demands the person to verify the protocol that the application is under. Some of the protocols supporting Loadrunner include; ODBC, SAP, Siebel, POP, Windows sockets etc. keep in mind that Loadrunner can be applied in desktop applications thus capable of supporting non-web supported applications. As long as the VUE generator is on, it permits tester selection of the protocol that should be used. There are also server applications that can be used as well.

The other area where Loadrunner interview questions are framed from involves the Winrunner script. It mostly asks on the procedure to use so as to call a Winrunner script obtained from a Loadrunner. Firstly, a scenario will be generated by exchanging VUser script. This is alternated with GUI Winrunner script in many cases. From the Host menu, the details option is selected and then checkbox is ticked for GUI Winrunner. The last thing that you will need to explain is about scenario execution. The systematic step of performing stress testing should be well grasped and in the chronological manner. One step follows the other till the final step is arrived at. You should identify testing objectives, scenarios, workload and metrics in this case. Lastly is to come up with test cases and simulate the load. Defining the concurrent load features greatly in Loadrunner questions. It is actually the load of VUser that is logged into the system concurrently thus leading to server stress.

Loadrunner interview questions will also reflect on the details of correlation as a terminology used in the process. Dynamic values in Loadrunner are handled by a process of correlation. In summary, they are purely used to evaluate data relationship. When planning for tests in Loadrunner there are important things that should be keenly observed. It is crucial to come up with a clearly set out test plan that covers all the test objectives. Enabling the remote launcher and agent on the host machine will enable the host and controller to be in clear communication terms. The type of environment to be used for load testing should be in many cases controlled. It is based on certain requirement specifications. From the specifications and scenario requirements, a test plan will be formulated. The only possible and proven method for measuring the performance is by use of transaction criteria. Highlighted above are the common areas that one should be prepared adequately when due to undertake a Loadrunner interview.


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