Audit trails – Securing your data for good

Correct information makes information valuable, whereas, incorrect information renders it completely useless and in some cases dangerous.  Data that has been tampered with or entered incorrectly, depending on what kind of data it is, can lead to money going missing, people being administered incorrect medicine and many other problems, so keeping it up to date, relevant and indeed correct is extremely important.  Trusting end users to input data is how data is created, however, this data could be input incorrectly on purpose or by human error.  Take a look at the points below which detail just some of the reason audit trails are so important:

Healthcare information

A functioning healthcare service needs to have its data correct or something could go very wrong.  The data the end user inputs must be absolutely right, an example of it being wrong is if an end user inputs a medicine allergy incorrectly and does not list the correct one and the patient is administered the medicine that they are allergic to, it could cause the patient further health concerns.  Audit tracking enables the tracking of every single record or piece of data edited, allowing for end users to be held responsible and confronted.

Stock stealing

Using the health care for another example, medicine is extremely important to the patient’s wellbeing but it can also be abused.  An end user who has access to a stock list database has the ability to edit the amount of certain medicines that are displayed in stock, which could lead to a very dangerous form of theft.  This can be tracked, if suddenly a great amount of stock goes missing, it can be traced back to the user to explain exactly where it went.  It could be that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation which can be backed up by colleagues, but in other cases it could have been down to theft.

To record previous values

The great thing about audit trail software is that it can also display information of previous values of data.  For example, if at any point it is necessary to see how much of one product there was on a certain date, it´s possible to fetch the value from a specific date and time, this can be extremely useful in many situations.

Reversing business sabotage

With all of the above taken into account, using audit trailing software it is possible to completely rectify any data that has been sabotaged.  It could be that a particularly disgruntled employee that decided to sabotage some data before resigning, it is possible to review the data values they changed, check what they were before this ex-employee made the changes and revert them back to how they were, reversing every action they took.  Unfortunately, things like this do occur and it´s better to be safe than sorry, without this software, it’s possible that the previous data is gone forever.


The above are just some reasons that audit trails are extremely beneficial to all different types of businesses or institutions.  Remember that data is useful, but if it is wrong then it is completely useless!

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