Motorcycle tours in South Africa offer a whole lot of enthralling experiences.  It is as though one is “Free-Wheeling” round a paradise of a sort. South Africa eco-tourism offers adventurers, fun-seekers, and explorers beautiful, natural and aesthetic bliss. Some bikers say the experience is a glimpse of heaven.  Riding along the Eastern Cape Game Reserve or through the Garden Route which runs parallel to the Indian Ocean, the adventure thrills from the beginning to the end.

South African rich landscapes, wildlife, and cultures have for ages continued to add to the joy of motorcycle tour with vintage rides. Till date, most fun seekers and gutsy adventurers hold the belief that South African remains one of the greatest countries to explore tourism-wise via motorcycle biking. They say a biking tour around that country’s beautiful landscapes, coastal lines, and gripping gardens is like riding an inch closer to the shores of paradise. The social way of life of the people, their food, and cultural heritage add to the thrill.  Irresistible, you’d say!

Touring the coastal towns, such as Plettenberg Bay and the Oyster Capital Knysna, as well as national parks proclaimed for their ancient forests and dramatic coastline are unforgettable touristic experiences.  You could ride on a single stretch of Route 62 which is a mountainous inland connecting the Garden Route, cutting through Little Karoo’s mountainside with its unique natural rock formations and historic sides.

For every bike-nut, there are exhilarating places that delight in South Africa.  One of such places is Port Elizabeth.  Riding beside the shoreline is a thrill any biker yearns for.  Port Elizabeth, popularly called “The Friendly City” is the second oldest city and the historic seaport along Algoa Bay in South Africa. If you’re visiting this part of South Africa for the first time, you’d be amazed at the patriotic remarks of most of the tour guides.  They believe the economy and ecological beauty of South Africa is vested in this city.  There are popular local restaurants catering to the food needs of countless tourists who throng in to have a taste of seafood.  It’s a hub of seafood and aquatic splendor.

Riding through South African’s game reserve is another appealing adventure.  Sights of the wild animals add to the fun of biking in South Africa.  The Addo Elephant National Park is one of the South Africans wildlife that quarters more than 350 elephants, leopards, rhinoceroses, buffalos, and countless species of birds.

Another overwhelming place for motorcycle tour is the Garden Route and Tsitsikamma National Park which covers a distance of about 360km.  You could choose to start your ride from Laangkloof Mountains, along with the lush Tsitsikamma forests.  It’s a beauty to behold.  It has a welcoming temperature, obviously because of its closeness to Storms River Mouth. You could end the day’s tour in the hunting lodge pub featured in 101 Beloved Bars of South Africa.

Another beautiful side of the city where you can ride and unwind include are Knysna.  Knysna exudes the taste of a bohemian town built on the Northern shores of a warm water estuary fed by the Knysna River. This city has a beautiful history.  Its flora and fauna add to the ecological bliss of the city. Lunch could be outdoors along the coastlines or under a canopy of Milkwood trees.  Such a gripping fun!



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