4 Moments in Life When You Should Never Be Embarrassed to Ask Your Doctor for Help

Doctors examine people and their bodies for a living, so they are used to knowing intimate details which could be affecting your health.


If only patients knew and could get comfortable with that fact.


There is a certain level of shame or embarrassment that comes with certain bodily functions, parts, or lifestyle choices. This can sometimes keep patients from revealing the whole truth to their family practitioner, keeping them from receiving treatment or being referred to specialized care.


Here are 4 Things You Should Never be Embarrassed to Talk to Your Doctor About:


Mental Health

Though it’s not something that your family doctor will be able to find in a physical examination or a blood test, mental health is real. Your doctor can prescribe medication to help you deal with your symptoms and/or refer you to a psychiatrist for further treatment. Talking to your doctor about your feelings is definitely one of the first steps you will need to make in your recovery process.


Sexual Health

Despite the sexual revolution, sex is still such a taboo subject in society. However, it’s also a fundamental part of being a human, therefore something your doctor is interested in for health reasons. If you have any concerns about your sexual health, from STIs to pain during intercourse, your doctor should be aware of them.



There is so much your doctor can do to help you conceive! Do not suffer in silence. Talk about your expectations and experiences to date and you will likely be referred to a great fertility clinic where you will receive specialized care.



Potty humour usually passes with toddlerhood, but that doesn’t mean that it stops being an issue. Though you might think you sound silly speaking about your digestive issues, there is no reason to be embarrassed. Regular bowel movements and urination is necessary for detoxifying your body, so if something is off there, it’s time to visit your doctor.


Remember, doctors are used to patients having all types of issues and have been desensitized over time to many of the topics that you are embarrassed to talk about. There is a risk in not bringing up topics associated with mental health, sexual health, fertility, and digestion or lying about them when asked by your medical professional. For best results and health treat your time with your doctor seriously and do not leave any details untouched.


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